Thank you for your interest.  The current season is currently sold out.  Please mark your calendar and give us a call at 303-747-6301 to schedule one of the soaring flights described below.

If you are anxious to go soaring sooner, you may contact our friends at Mile High Gliding at 303-527-1122… and be sure to tell them we sent you!


Extended Area Tour    $195

Takeoff and climb in the direction of your choice:  South to Boulder, North to Carter Lake or West toward the Continental Divide.  This flight provides enough time to get a sense of “soaring” while in unpowered flight.

Total flight time: At least 60 minutes


Cross Country Adventure    $295

When the forecast calls for favorable cross country soaring conditions, you will receive a call (typically the night before) to see if you are available for a soaring flight.  Following a detail pre-flight briefing,  we will search out and exploit the lift in whichever direction is most promising.  Destination? Unknown!

Total flight time:  Unknown, but at least 90 minutes!