How to Schedule Your Soaring Adventure

Call 303-747-6301 or write to

Come as You Are!

No special preparation is necessary to enjoy your scenic flight.   Just come ready to see and experience flight in a truly unique way.

Where to Meet

Plan to arrive at Vance Brand Airport about 10 minutes before your scheduled flight.   From Diagonal Highway 119, proceed north on Airport Road a half block past Rogers Rd to the airport entrance on the left.  Follow the driveway to Fly Elite Aviation at the end.  (See detailed maps below.)

What to Wear

Dress for comfort.  Loose fitting pants work best.  The canopy is highly reflective, so it is best to avoid bright white clothing.  If you are sensitive to the sun, sunglasses would be a good idea.

What to Bring

Unless you’ve received a pre-paid Gift Certificate, you will need to bring a form of payment (cash, check or charge) to the airport.

Weight, Size and Age Limits

You must be at least 18 years old and less than 215 pounds to fly with us.  If you are taller than six feet two inches, you may or may not fit comfortably depending on your physique.  Come on out and we’ll give it a try!


Flight in a sailplane is different and some people worry it may cause upset.  This is rarely the case.  Rocky Mountain Soaring is dedicated to your enjoyment.  Sitting side-by-side allows us to enjoy the flight together and avoid discomfort.  If you are OK in a car and you haven’t just eaten a heavy meal, you should be fine.  The flight will be shortened if, for any reason, you are not comfortable.

In-Flight Photography

You are welcome to bring a camera with you for in-flight photography.  Based on prior experience, here are a few tips.  A large heavy camera (DSLR) will be awkward and you will have to guard it from scratching the canopy.  A small pocket camera or cellphone usually works better.  Looking through the lens of a camera can be disorienting… it is better to point and shoot with a minimum of aiming.  Filming the whole flight or taking many many photos will probably detract from your enjoyment.

Refund Policy

Your flight is fully refundable up to a day before the scheduled flight time.  If you cancel on the day of the flight or simply don’t show up, however, we can’t book another customer to take your place so you’ll need to pay a $50 rebooking fee to reschedule.

Schedule Changes

We reserve the right to reschedule your soaring flight due to unfavorable weather or other factors.  On rare occasion, there may be a need to reschedule your flight.  Of course, there would be no charge to you.  Thank you for your understanding.

Getting In/Out

The Stemme cockpit is a few feet above the ground.  Anyone with normal flexibility and upper body strength can easily get in and out.  We are pleased to help frail or weaker passengers.  Let us know in advance if you think you might need special assistance.

Detailed Maps to Departure Point

Overview Map


Close-Up Map