Rocky Mountain Soaring is able to offer amazing soaring experiences to passengers thanks to the unique capabilities of the Stemme S10-VT aircraft.  Constructed primarily of carbon fiber and kevlar, the plane is a work of art in flight.  The wings span a spectacular 76 feet (larger than a regional jet) and are polished to a high gloss.  The Stemme S10 design was first FAA certified in 1997 as a Glider in the Utility Self-Launching Category.  In later years, the “V” designation was added to signify “variable pitch propeller” which improved climb and cruise performance.  “T” represented the addition of the “turbocharged” Rotax 914-F engine.

The Stemme is the only modern high performance glider that boasts side-by-side seating.  The pilot operates the flight controls from the left seat while a passenger occupies the right seat, so you’ll share the same sights and sounds experienced by the pilot!  Passengers appreciate being able to see what the pilot does and the ability to discuss the flight as it happens.

Once in lift, the plane is completely powered by the sun:  Rising air lifts the plane upward and solar panels supply electricity to the onboard instrumentation.  In addition to unparalleled soaring performance, the Stemme’s ability to fly under power and restart in flight eliminates the need for a tow plane or retrieval from unscheduled “outlandings”.

Relevant performance characteristics include:

Powerplant:  Turbocharged Rotax 914F/S2, 115 hp

Wingspan:  23 m / 76 feet

Maximum Cruise Speed: 140 ktas (160mph)

Time to transition between powered and unpowered flight:  4 seconds

Maneuvering Load Factors:  +5.3G, -2.65G

Minimum Sink Rate:  112 fpm

L/D Glide Ratio:  51:1 (>7.5 nm/1,000 ft)

Max Gross Weight:  850 kg / 1784 lbs

Additional information can be found at the Stemme Factory website.