We are shifting our focus away from commercial rides in favor of our sister business, Aerial Tribute.  We will honor (or refund) previously sold gift certificates, but we are not selling new rides.   

For glider rides in the Boulder area, we suggest you contact Mile High Gliding.

To explore getting into the sport, contact the Boulder Soaring Society, a wonderful local club that welcomes new members.  It is a great way to soar!

If you have an interest in the remarkable Stemme motor glider, visit their website at Stemme.

Onward and Upward,

Marc Arnold

For those interested in what we used to do, the rest of the website is unchanged.

“Not Just a Glider Ride…”

Come to Vance Brand Airport, Longmont, Colorado, just a few minutes north of Boulder to experience spectacular views and sensations that only soaring flight can provide.  Rocky Mountain Soaring provides much more than a traditional glider ride.

s10vt_domeopenclose500Sitting side-by-side with your highly qualified pilot, your flight will be conducted in a state-of-the-art Stemme S10-VT motorglider.  A concealed aircraft engine located behind the two seats is connected to a retracting propeller in the nose (see photos of propeller deployment).  This eliminates the need for a tow plane and is available in flight for unprecedented safety and convenience.

You will takeoff and climb under power to the nearest source of lift then watch as the propeller retracts into the nose, transforming this unique airplane into an unpowered sailplane with a remarkable glide ratio of 51 to 1.  This means an altitude of only 10,000 feet translates into a gliding range of nearly 100 miles!

The Stemme is an exotic machine that uniquely combines the best of two worlds: Powered and Soaring flight.

Visit our Flights page and choose the flight that best fits your appetite for adventure.

Onward and Upward!

Rocky Mountain Soaring



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